At THK head quarters we love the changing of the seasons. Autumn brings us an abundance of forageable goodies, the most common of all are blackberries.

We pick them by the bucket load and use them across the menu as they are so versatile, we especially love matching them with game as well as developing a great selection of deserts.

Here’s one of the most simple desserts we make, its a variation on both an Eton Mess and blackberry fool. The tartness of the blackberries work so well with richness of the cream and the sweetness of the crunchy meringues.

Blackberry Mess

300g blackberries (washed)

40g Manuka honey 

900g double cream (whipped)

100g creme pat

60g creme de cassis 

10g pistachio

1 vanilla pod

Place the blackberries, vanilla seeds and the honey in a small pan over a low heat. Allow the blackberries to soften down then remove from and cool.

Once cooled fold the 100g creme pat into the blackberry mixture then combine with the whipped double cream and creme de cassis.

Lightly fold in the meringue and the pistachios and divide between four sundae glasses.  Enjoy!